About me

wonder vegan andrea hansson

Hi and welcome to Wonder Vegan!

I’m so happy you found my site and I hope that I can inspire you to try some of my recipes.

For as long as I can remember I haven’t really enjoyed eating meat, the taste isn’t my cup of tea and my heart broke a bit every time I thought about what I was eating, which led me to eat vegetarian food on and off for about 15 years. Some time ago I started to exclude one dairy product after another from my diet and now the only natural thing for me is a vegan diet. I don’t think you should have to force the change in your diet or do it all at once, the change will come when you are ready for it.

I wish you see my recipes the way I look at recipes, as guidelines, inspiration. Don’t be afraid to change the ingredients to make the dish fit your taste better, if you want pineapple on your pizza, then put pineapple on your pizza. You don’t like too spicy food? Use less chili. You feel like some cheese would do the trick for you? Then add some cheese. The most important thing isn’t that everybody follows a super strict vegan diet all the time, it’s to give you some good vegan alternatives, that hopefully in time will make you want to choose vegan, or at least vegetarian, food.

So, I encourage you to at least give it a chance. If not vegan, vegetarian.

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