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Vegan deodorants (TEST 2019)

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Vegansk deo test

Finding a good vegan deodorant

To find a good vegan deodorant has been kind of hard for me, especially in supermarkets and other stores that everyone visits from time to time. To save you some time I’v searched the internet and the local stores for vegan deodorants and picked a few to test an evaluate. I’ve tried both deodorants that’s easy to find in the stores (at least in Sweden) and a few that you order online.

One of the reasons I’ve had a hard time finding a good vegan deodorant is that a lot of them aren’t marked as vegan, they just are. Kind of sad if you ask me!

I’ve tried 8 different deodorants to compare them and hopefully help someone else in the search for the perfect vegan deodorant.

To give them all a bit more to work with I let my armpit hair grow (my sweat usually smell more if I let the hair grow) and wore clothes that makes me sweat more.

Disclaimer: A lot of theese are hard to find outside of sweden, but I’ve tried to find similar products that you can buy on Amazon.

Two of these deodorants were truly amazing and gave me a much better result than I thought any of these would!

Vegansk deo test emma s

Emma S Deodorant Pure ocean

Betyg stjärna

Price: $9

Available at Lyco.

Active ingredient: Aluminium chlorohydrate

My thoughts: This deodorant has a very soft and fresh smell. It keeps the sweat away the whole day and I didn’t need to add more during the day. I especially liked the smell and that it tried really fast. It didn’t leave any stains on my dark clothes.

Vegansk deo test rituals

Rituals Anti-Perspirant spray (Former Sakura Silk Spray 50ml)

Betyg stjärna

Price: $9

Available at Lyco.

Active ingredient: Aluminium chlorohydrate

My thoughts: This deodorant smells quite a bit and left white stains on my clothes. After I’d used Rituals spray deodorant it felt like the whole room was filled with deodorant, I kind of got flashbacks to the gymnasium lockers in highschool. Even my boyfriend who at the time was a couple of rooms away felt the smell.

This isn’t a deodorant for those who don’t like a strong smell or is looking for a mild deodorant. Apart from that it smells way too much for me I felt fresh and it kept the sweat away the whole day.

Vegansk deo test oliva


Betyg stjärna

Price: $3

Available at Kronans Apotek.

Active ingredient: Aluminium chlorohydrate

My thoughts: A deodorant like any other with a fresh smell and a good price. You kan buy Oliva on most pharmacies in Sweden.

Vegansk deo test aco 3in1

ACO 3 in 1

Betyg stjärna

Price: $4,5

Available at Kronans Apotek.

Active ingredient: Aluminum Chlorohydrate

My thoughts: This deodorant has a mild smell and I felt fresh from the morning to the evening. During a pretty hard workout there was a almost unnoticeable smell of sweat though. It took a bit longer for this one to dry, but over all a good deodorant.

Good to know: It’s been some talk about wether ACO is vegan or not, I sent them an email and got following answer:

ACO’s cosmetic products are not officially classified as vegan. However, in addition to ACO Stay Soft Lips and ACO Sun Soft Lips, which contain beeswax (as well as those of ACO’s supplements containing vitamin D extracted from lanolin), all our & nbsp; ACO products are completely free of animal ingredients.

According to European law, no ingredients for cosmetics or cosmetic products are tested on animals. Thus, no company in the EU, including ACO, performs animal tests on ingredients for cosmetics or cosmetic products. However, we cannot guarantee that individual ingredients have never been tested on animals historically.

Vegansk deo test maria åkerberg

Maria Åkerberg Deo Roll-On Essential

Betyg stjärna

Price: $15

Available at Lyko.

Active ingredient: Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate

The active ingredient, Sodium Caproyl / Lauroyl Lactylate, is a lactic acid with bactericidal properties that prevents poor odor when sweating.

My thoughts: Deo Roll-on Essential has a rather strong scent of lemon, bay leaf, grapefruit and patschuli, it takes a while before it dries and I felt sticky when using tank tops, like the skin stuck in itself. I felt the smell of sweat after just a few hours and the smell from the deodorant rather strengthened my sweat odor instead of hiding it. Unfortunately I didn’t feel fresh at all, at one point my partner asked me what it was that smelled (not in a good way) and it didn’t take long before we realised it was the deodorant.

Vegansk deo test maria åkerberg

Maria Åkerberg Salt Deo

Betyg stjärna

Price: $10

Available at Lyco.

International alternative: Crystal Mineral Deodorant Stick

Active ingredient: Ammonium Alum

My thoughts: Salt deodorant is one of those things I’ve heard people talk about but never really taken seriously, simply by ignorance. After reading a bit and buying this one I really looked forward to trying it out and I all I have to say is WOW! I used the salt deo after showering and was quite active during the day, in the evening the next day I still didn’t feel an ounce of sweat.

I really recommend this deodorant. I love the fact that it’s so natural and gives such amazing result. This salt deo is fragrance free.

On the website they write the following about Maria Åkerberg Salt deo “Salt deo is free from alcohol and aluminum chloride (AlCl). Alun is a double salt where Aluminum is included, but cannot be released; there is therefore no free aluminum in Saltdeo.”

Vegansk deo test nuud
Vegansk deo test Nuud


Betyg stjärna

Price: $13

Available at Nuudcare.com

Active ingredient: Micro silver

This is undoubtedly the deodorant that I looked forward the most to testing, I had only read good things about it and it sounded too good to be true. Nuud is completely natural and free of aluminum, parabens and alcohol. The tube are made of sugar cane and the packaging it comes in is made of biodegradable cardboard.

Nuud only needs to be applied every 3 to 7 days and a 20ml tube should last for 10 (!) Weeks.

My thoughts: In the instructions from Nuud it says that it can take a few days before Nuud gives full effect, and I think it is important to keep that in mind when starting to use Nuud. At the first application, I was surprised at how soft it was and how my armpits felt more moisturized than usual.

The first two days I felt a slight smell of sweat, but it was so weak that it could hardly have been noticeable by others. After having showered day three, I applied Nuud again and that is also the latest application I did. Today I am on day nine and only now do I feel a slight smell of sweat.

I am very happy with Nuud and am amazed at how long it works and how gentle it feels to the skin. I can highly recommend Nuud to those who have sensitive skin, want to use a deodorant that keeps the sweat smell away for several days and want a natural deodorant without parabens, aluminum and alcohol.

Below you can look at a short video about Nuud and how it works. Absolutely great if you ask me!

Vegansk deo test dr organic

Dr. Organic virgin coconut oil

Betyg stjärna

Price: $8

Available Jordklok.

International alternative: Dr. Organic Deodorants

My thoughts: A very runny deodorant that took a long time to dry. Since it is not antiperspirant, it does not counteract bad odor but masks it with its coconut scent. I needed to refill several times during the day to feel reasonably fresh. A positive thing with Dr. Organic is that it felt very mild against my rather sensitive skin and does not contain aluminum, parabens or alcohol.


Of these eight deodorants that I have tried the last weeks, the two that really stand out from the crowd and it is Nuud and Maria Åkerberg’s salt deo. They both have exceeded all expectations and given a fantastic result where I have been sweat-free (or rather odor-free) far much longer than I expect to be from a deodorant.

I highly recommend them both, which one of them I recommend you to choose depends on whether you prefer a solid deodorant or a cream deodorant.


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